How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Website?

    By Mitz Pantic | Small Business

    How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Website? image thesis 300x250 1How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Website?

    One of the absolutely great features about using WordPress to build your websites is that you can install a WordPress theme any time you like. Although you have to customize and tweak each new theme, it is seriously easy to change the whole outlook of your WordPress website in minutes.

    The problem is you can spend hours searching for the best WordPress theme for your website which can be a huge waste of time. Most people do this when they are first starting out with building a website. Eventually you realize that it is better to just stick to a few select themes and get to know how to use them.

    Finding the Best WordPress Theme – Why is This Important?

    Finding the best WordPress theme is important because you will have to work with it and learn to love it everyday. This is the first thing you see when you visit your site and after a while it might bore you to see the same design day in and day out. But wait! It is not all about you as there are many factors that make up a great theme. Some of the points below might influence your decisions on choosing a theme…

    #1. Choosing the Right Niche Theme

    Choosing the best WordPress theme for your website is very important. What if your website was a eCommerce website, shouldn’t you then have an eCommerce WordPress theme to make life easy? What if you had a real estate website? It would be better for business if you used a WordPress theme developed particularly for real estate.

    Using WordPress allows you to create any website you like. All you have to do is install WordPress and then find the best theme for your topic.

    #2. Choosing the Best WordPress Theme for Speed

    Having a slow loading website is frowned upon by both the human visitors and the search engines. Of course there are many factors that can slow a website down, the first being cheap webhosting, along with the next dozen other reasons. However we do not want to add a slow loading theme to that equation. Some WordPress themes are not developed well, ether having too many heavy features or ill formed coding. Always check on the themes loading reputation before deciding to install it onto your blog.

    #5. Usability

    When choosing a WordPress theme usability is extremely important! You need your human users to navigate through the website, see stuff they like clearly, and complete the goals you require. This is why you need to get a theme that has been developed by a person that knows that a great website is not just about the look. Haven’t you heard the saying “looks are skin deep”? You can apply this to a WordPress theme because it might look good, but that’s not all that counts.

    I like to use minimalist themes because they are user friendly and that is exactly who I like to please.

    #4. Great Tech Support

    I am a whiz with anything technical as I used to build computers and repair them for a living. Sure I could work out my own problems with my web design, but why would I when experts have the answer I need? Why waste time trying to customize a theme when you can get someone to help you? That is why a free theme can actually cost you more time than it is worth. This brings me to my next point…

    #5. Premium WordPress Themes vs Free WordPress Themes?

    • Premium WordPress Themes have loads more features.
    • When you pay for a WordPress theme you can get help and support.
    • If you buy a multiple website license you can use the theme on as many websites as you like.
    • Sometimes free WordPress themes have bugs and problems.
    • There is no definite support help with a free WordPress theme.

    Free – Best WordPress Themes

    Free WordPress themes are great when you are first starting out and are trying not to spend too much money on your website. However have you heard the saying “you get what you pay for”? Well I am not saying free themes are not good, because they are, you can definitely find some great themes. The problem is you have to find it first. I usually go to Google search and type in “free WordPress themes” and some great websites come up. The bad thing about free WordPress themes is there is no guaranteed support for you. This is essential as having great tech support can save you hours of heart ache and stress. A free WordPress theme is not always the best WordPress theme to choose.

    WordPress Themes Base

    Rock Kitty Themes

    Themes 2 WordPress

    Skinpress WordPress Themes

    I do not use free themes at all now. There is no need as I have Thesis, Elegant themes and Socrates, which covers all of my needs.

    Paid – Best WordPress Themes

    Although there are some really great free themes out there, when you start to get multiple websites it is nice to have a top theme. A paid theme with great features that suit you. If you stick to a small number of themes or even just one, you will become an expert at customizing that theme, and therefore saving time. Many of the paid themes have amazing options inside the dashboard that make it extremely easy to customize. For example you could be using the same theme for all your websites but they can look completely different because of the options available.

    Below I have links to some of the most professional and what I think the best WordPress themes out there. Check out the videos showing you how to use these themes and what you can do with them. Some of these themes are truly amazing. I have already bought the WordPress Remix Theme as it is am amazing business theme that has crazy page templates and options to use. (very detailed though)

    Thesis WordPress Theme

    Yes I have this running on two or more websites. I fell in love with Thesis the minute I installed it. There are two versions when you buy Thesis, the newer 2.0 and the older 1.8. Many people still prefer the older version, but Thesis 2.0 is the cutting edge of drag and drop web design. Here is a review I wrote about Elegant themes vs Thesis.

    Elegant Themes

    OMG these themes are amazing. If you go and check out the Elegant Themes Website I am sure you will see something you like. The great thing is that when you pay you get access to more than 70+ absolutely professional themes, not one or two, but all. I cannot say enough about these themes…You just have to see it to believe it. If I was only going to buy one theme package it would be this one!

    Ultimate Theme

    I do not have this theme but many top bloggers do. I probably would have bought this one if I didn’t already have the Socrates WordPress Theme and Thesis.

    WordPress Remix

    I have this installed and it is absolutely fantastic but is difficult in some aspects. This is really for business websites. The customization is amazing but I personally gave up on it as there was too much detail. Sorry guys, great theme but too detailed for me to use for making WordPress websites that make money.

    Socrates Theme

    I have had Socrates for a while now and what can I say, it is great. It is especially newbie friendly as it slots ads in for you and basically many other things. If I was starting out I would definitely get this theme and start from there. The Socrates theme is a plain theme with amazing functions. You can customize it to make it look amazing, create squeeze pages and sales pages in seconds. To this day I think it is kind of ugly but the conversion rate is great!

    Click here to visit WordPress Review Theme.

    If you are reviewing products with the aim to sell them, there is no doubt you will need a great theme like this to increase sales. However I am sure that the Elegant Themes Package has a few review themes included for $39.

    I love WordPress and I love WordPress themes but it has taken me years to settle for a few premium WordPress themes because you just cannot have it all.

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