Chevrolet Targeting Younger, Wealthier Buyers with New Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette, either correctly or incorrectly, has been considered the official vehicle of the mid-life crisis. As a product previously aimed at the middle-aged, blue-collar working class, Chevy hopes to change all that with its 7th generation of the classic sportscar.

“We want more wealthy people buying the car,” Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter told USA Today, “Now you’ve got some people with Ferraris canceling their order,” to purchase a new ‘Vette.

chevrolet-corvette-stingray (2)

Chevrolet is aiming even more directly at the Porsches and Ferraris of the world with the new ‘Vette, and taking along prospective buyers with them. Admittedly though, they don’t count out their 50-something aged buyers as that demographic continues to make up a large majority of buyers.

“It’s simply a new car, a fresh start,” told Juechter.

chevrolet-corvette-stingray (1)

A fresh start indeed: The all-new Corvette will come with a 6.2-liter V8 and an impressive 455-hp when it goes on sale near the end of the year.

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