Charity sponsorship site only accepts good deeds

Sometimes a good deed is more valuable than money itself, so much so that campaigns such as The Generous Store have required customers to pay with a promise. Now The Donation is a charitable giving site, where donors pledge to donate their time and effort rather than cash.

It’s often the case that those who want to help a charity or cause do so by doing a one-off challenge – a marathon or a bike race, for example – and then encourage their friends to give a small amount for doing it, something which people know they should do but sometimes don’t want to. Rather than raising money, The Donation aims to bring about positive changes in lifestyle by getting donors to pledge to do something different, such as ride a bike to work, reduce their washing machine temperature or go vegetarian. According to the site, sponsorship projects have so far seen users pledge to cut nearly 440,000 kg of CO2 from their lifestyles. The video below explains more about the concept:

The Donation replaces cash with action, encouraging donors to make active changes rather than passively paying a charity to promote good causes. However, the site doesn’t want to replace platforms such as JustGiving, but sit alongside them as an alternative. How else can people be inspired to take on global challenges themselves?


Spotted by: Ivan Coelho

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