Charity launches world’s first in-house crowdfunding site

Crowdfunding sites such as Watsi have already aimed to help pay for the healthcare of those abroad. Now, Pledgeit – based in the UK – is offering a fun way to raise money for cancer research and also help people fulfil their dreams.

Created by Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research as an in-house crowdfunding site, Pledgeit enables anyone to set up a challenge for their friends. In order to encourage them to complete the challenge – whether it is a dare or simply something they’ve talked about doing but never plucked up the courage – the subject’s friends and family must also pledge to donate money. Once enough money is raised that the subject can’t say no and the challenge is completed, the donations are collected and the subject is listed as an official ‘Pledgend’ on the site.

The benefit of Pledgeit is that, as it is run by the charity, there is no middle man involved to take fees and every single penny raised goes towards fighting cancer. How else can social fundraising online be made more fun?


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