What are the Characteristics of a Good Boss for You?

    By Marc Miller | Small Business

    What makes a good boss for you?

    What are the Characteristics of a Good Boss for You? image GoodBossWhat are the Characteristics of a Good Boss for You?Notice I did not ask what makes a good boss. I asked what makes a good boss for you! This is very individualistic.

    Last month, I wrote about 5 Traits to Avoid in a Boss. I asked you to get very clear on what you do not like about your current boss.

    Now I want you to get really clear on what you want.

    I have clients who want and need someone who is very collegial—almost a peer.

    I have other clients who very much want someone who is in control.

    What I find most common among my clients is the desire to have a boss who is politically astute and gives them complete control to do what needs to get done. It is what I call, “Get out my way and let me do the job” Syndrome.

    My favorite boss was Theresa who managed the IBM AIX Briefing Center in Austin. She was phenomenally good at hiring superstars and then leaving them alone to do their jobs. If anything went wrong or there was a political conflict, she was right there to back us up. She was not technically competent to make technical decisions, so left those to her team. She was the best manager I have ever had.

    I have often run into young engineers who thought their bosses had to be a better engineer than them. I would tell them that is simply not true. Some of my best bosses in my technical career were technically incompetent. They were great managers of technical people. It is a different skill set.

    I ran into the same thing in schools. Teachers thought principals needed to have extensive and successful classroom experience. Boy. that is so not true. It takes a totally different personality makeup to be a successful principal than a successful teacher.

    What makes a good boss for you?

    What characteristics do you value in your boss? Who has been your best boss and what made them so good?

    During the interview process, how do you ensure you will ultimately get the boss you want?

    You have to ask the right questions!

    Ask the hiring manager about their management style. Ask everyone else you interview with about the hiring manager’s management style. Did you get consistent answers?

    If you have a panel interview, ask the hiring manager to describe their management style, but I specifically want you to pay attention to the body language of everyone else on the panel. Did they start to squirm?

    Think back to when you were happy at work and you had a boss you really liked.

    What are the characteristics that made them a really good boss?

    What about Corporate Reorganizations?

    We will see in later steps in the Cure for Career Insanity that understanding corporate culture will be key. In some large corporations, reorganization seems to be a constant phenomenon. If having a boss to your liking is on the top of your requirements list, then going to this kind of corporation is probably not a good choice.

    This is part of step 2 in the Cure for Career Insanitydetermining what you really want in your next job, which includes getting a good boss!

    Does this sound interesting? Are you suffering from Career Insanity?

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