Change is Overdue

Change is Overdue image Time To Change TracksChange is OverdueI’ve had it! I’m sick of crappy content, fluffy sales claims and advice that ignores the real issue. And I hope you will help (more on that in a minute).

I’m tired of issues without examples, of the content marketers that are afraid of naming names and creating conflict.

Even worse, I’m tired of publishers that like to name drop and associate big brands with bad behaviors because it drives traffic, even when the brand was innocent.

The now common refrain says every company is a media company and every individual is a publisher. In one sense, it is true. Companies, and many individuals, are now vying for your attention (but be honest, that was always the case). Many, like the media companies of old, are using content to earn that attention.

The Black Hole of Content

The vast majority of marketers, and many individuals, are utterly failing to deliver what we expect from real media companies: Insight and perspective on the market. Expert advice. Investigative reports.

Something, anything, actually useful to us, not just a sinkhole for our attention that someday we will wish we had reserved for our friends and families.

(For a wake up call on how you spend your time and energy, read, or reread, 5 Regrets of the Dying)

Unfortunately, while I’m sick of the problem, I’ve also become part of it, with posts like 29 Signs You Need a Break From Marketing. (Yes, I really did that). Content like this is fun and easy to create. And if you are ever short on inspiration, just browse BuzzFeed for 10 minutes. But that doesn’t make it worthwhile.

It Is Time To Change

Some habits die hard, but they need to die. Today, I need to stop contributing to the problem we are all growing so weary of.

Today, I believe as marketers we can benefit from more content that delivers on one or more of these points:

  • Perspective on what is happening in our market (beyond just reporting the headlines).
  • Thoughtful, even actionable, discussion of the future (not merely a list of predictions).
  • Inspiration that gives us confidence in our ability to successfully take on the challenges we are facing.
  • Blunt truth about what works, what doesn’t and what really happens behind the scenes.

What we are getting instead is content with fake sugary coatings or worn out dime-a-dozen advice (i.e. share your content on the social media!) that ignores the real elephant in the room (i.e. no one is listening to you). It doesn’t inform and if it is actionable at all, at best it drives us to mediocre actions.

It is time to change. As I strive to break from this pattern of content, I may not post as frequently in 2014. Or just maybe, I won’t hold as much back and actually post more. I hope I will hear from you either way.

What You Can Do

1. Share your feedback
I listed four types of content I believe will be valuable, not just another entertaining attention sinkhole, to marketers today. What would you add to this list and what would you remove?

2. Ask your questions
Do you have specific questions you would like to see answered in future posts? Share them! If you subscribe to get posts by email, you can even reply directly to those emails with questions.

3. Change your behavior
If, like me, you have found yourself publishing a few too many articles like 4 Out Of 5 Marketers are Zombies!, renew your commitment to creating content that benefits your audience. And if you do, please let me know!

The comments are yours.

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