Should CEOs Blog?

CEOs are busy people. Where would they find time to blog?

You may already know there are serious business benefits to blogging, but may not have given much thought yet as to how to get started.

If you’re interested, here’s a great example of a blogging CEO:

George Colony is CEO at Forrester the global research and advisory firm. Forrester are thought leaders in technology, IT, marketing and strategy, and George still has a bit of time to blog.

So, why does the company head of a worldwide company of thought leaders bother with blogging?

Here are some benefits to being a blogging CEO:

As well as building your own personal brand online, you are, at the same time, helping your company and it’s brand resonate on a more personal level. George Colony’s blog is about assisting company executives in finding ways to rethink strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and create their own original approaches to their business challenges. It’s filled with a wealth of thoughts, considerations, ideas, and analyses to assist today’s CEO in achieving their goals.

As an example, a recent post dated March 5th 2013, reads:

In 2011 I asked 12 of the top tech CEOs if their salesforces were getting their companies to their strategic goals. The CEOs had scathing feedback — their salesforces were behind the curve, low IQ, lacking the confidence to call at a high level, unsystematic, and stuck in low growth. It wasn’t pretty. At Davos this year I surveyed 15 CEOs across 10 industries — I wanted to know what they were personally doing to turn this mess around. Yesterday I spoke at Forrester’s Forum for Sales Enablement Professionals (persona to the left) in Phoenix and I presented the results:

This looks like seriously useful and interesting information for CEO readers, and, for the CEO blogger, advising others on how they can drive success is a great way to network. It also invites new ideas and opportunities in to your own bank of knowledge and experience, and, as well as extending your online reach, it is highly likely to result in sales leads.

There are real business benefits to be had from blogging.

If you’ve read through this and are inspired to take action, then here is a blog with some useful blogging tips to get you started:

How To Make The Most Of Your Blog Posts

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