My Cell Phone Is Old, Get Over It

    By Bethaney Wallace | Small Business

    “The app for my phone I want is phone.” Rodney Ruxin, The League

    My Cell Phone Is Old, Get Over It image Screen Shot 2014 11 03 at 2.16.30 PM 300x232.pngMy Cell Phone Is Old, Get Over ItMore than three years ago, I bought an iPhone. And it’s still the phone I use today. Because it’s not broken and still functions as a talking, app, and data-using device. Obviously.

    It’s not like it was a conscious decision to keep ancient technology around. Especially as it began dying without reason and became incredibly unresponsive to button pushing. It all just happened so gradually that I didn’t notice. Like when you yourself get old. One day everything is super laggy and in need of a constant re-charge. Sure you wonder, “When did this even happen?” but then you just keep living life and dealing with the pressures of aging. By joining a local gerontology club. Or going to bed earlier.

    At multiple points in time, I’d planned on ordering the latest iPhone version, just as soon as it came out “in the next few months.” But then my phone would still be working and I’d wonder what was the point of spending $200 when I could not spend $200. Even when it had its downsides, as soon as I’d make the decision to upgrade, it’d rally.

    As a side note: This is an excellent opportunity to give a pop-off to Verizon (an opportunity I never pass up), for throwing a huge fit about my not buying insurance. On an iPhone. Here we are, 37 months later, with an original battery and screen. And it’s not like I’m careful – the ‘ol phone has taken infinite falls and one solid trip into the toilet. And still prevails. Even when I’m in the 1x data zone in the middle of town, pretty much every day; see you sometime, Pandora.

    Sticking It Out

    Since I’d already been sucking up all the electricity (seriously, this thing dies in no time), it never seems like that big of a deal to just keep doing it. I have at least one charger on me at all times. Besides, since there have now been three generations of new charging ports, no one ever tries to steal my charger. EVER. They even give me free stuff, like car chargers or iHomes that are no longer compatible with their new devices. And I may still be on 3G, but 3G with every attachment that has ever been released. Since I’ve never experienced the absolute wonder that is LTE, I really don’t know what I’m missing. I’m a fast data virgin, and I’m okay with it.

    Sure, I’ll eventually buy a new phone. Probably. But only when I have to or want to. In the meantime, keep talking smack, it only makes my phone work better; that’s just proven science.

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