Cat litter boxes by subscription, made of biodegradable cardboard


Subscription services have long helped humans ensure their essentials are restocked when they run out. Now aiming to do the same for felines, Poopy Cat is an eco litter box subscription service that enables owners to simply throw the entire box into their green waste bins or compost heaps when they’re finished with it.

Cat owners signing up to the service receive a monthly package containing everything needed to set up a litter box at home. Each delivery comes in four letterbox-sized parcels that can be quickly and easily opened and folded out into an enclosed box that has the litter already inside. All of the materials are made out of recycled material that is biodegradable, which means that the whole box can be folded back down and placed into organic waste bins or compost heaps. Each of the four boxes comes with a different humorous design to keep owners entertained when they change the box each week. The company have also created the funny video below, which acts as an ad for the service:

The subscription costs EUR 19.95 each month, or EUR 24.95 for a one-off order, and — considering the US spends over USD 60 billion on its pets each year — the business model could certainly be just as popular for dog and cat owners as it has in other areas of life. As Poopy Cat operates in the Netherlands only for the time being, is this one to replicate in your part of the world?


Spotted by Diederik Groeneweg, written by Springwise

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