Case Study: PBS YouTube Video Optimization

Case Study: PBS YouTube Video Optimization image PBSCase Study: PBS YouTube Video Optimization

PBS wanted to improve visibility for its family of 16 YouTube channels and needed help doing so. Led by our Director of Strategic Distribution Services (and YouTube optimization expert) Matt Ballek, Magnet answered the call by deeply analyzing and optimizing the channels, increasing overall subscriber base, engagement, discoverability and profitability.

How was this done? As our case study points out, we performed a detailed audit of PBS’s channels — including an examination of each and every video — in order to break down performance and highlight areas for improvement. Our team provided scorecards for each of the 16 channels (as well as an overall scorecard for the network in total), each indicating a grade based on a variety of SEO and ROI categories. Comparing those scorecards with competitors’ YouTube channels, we were able to give PBS an understanding of its competitive positioning and then provide best practice guidelines for promotion, programming, optimization, community, and for the channel as a whole — all of which Matt Ballek continues to do via monthly Google+ hangouts with the PBS team, where he provides instruction/tips and answers questions.

Video Optimization is a large, and quickly growing sector of Magnet’s offerings, which have now extended beyond video production and social media management. Check out our new Video Optimization web page for more detail on this, and read how distribution efforts play into our overall Think.Make.Reach. approach to content marketing. That approach holds tight to the idea that providing consumers with the full package is the most effective way to market content – from idea, to product, to getting it seen by a targeted audience, it’s increasingly important to have and implement a well-conceived plan from start to finish.

Matt Ballek is in California at VidCon this week. You can keep up with him via his YouTube channel VidiSEO.

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