Campbell’s Soup Wins Consumers with Content Marketing

    By Victoria Schleicher | Small Business

    Campbell’s Soup Wins Consumers with Content Marketing image campbells soup 300x200Campbell’s Soup Wins Consumers with Content MarketingHave you ever wondered how condensed soup became so popular? It wasn’t the fantastic variety of flavors. At first, Campbell’s Soup offered canned beefsteak tomato soup, a convenient (yet odd) option for those accustomed to making soup from scratch. The addition of condensed soup and some innovative content marketing helped cement the Campbell’s Soup name in cookbooks everywhere. Let’s take a look at how they did it.

    Humble Beginnings

    In 1869, Joseph Campbell and Abraham Anderson grouped up to form the Campbell Preserve Company in New Jersey. The company did well, but didn’t gain mass appeal and remained small. Over thirty years later, a change in ownership sparked a similar change in mindset. New owner, Arthur Dorrance, develops condensed soups that can be thinned with water or milk to feed a family.

    In 1898, the company gets a visual overhaul and aligns the company’s brand (the soup can) with the factory worker’s uniform colors. This is the first step taken to unify the Campbell’s Soup brand. A year later, with a stroke of genius, Arthur Dorrance decides to advertise Campbell’s Soup on New York City streetcars. With a 100% increase in sales as a result, the Campbell’s Soup Company was on its way to gaining national attention.

    The Convincing Case for Condensed Soup

    The Campbell’s Soup Company, over a decade after the development of condensed soup, was still struggling to get the product to catch on with consumers. In 1916, the Campbell’s Soup Company tackled this problem by releasing a cookbook offering consumers quick and easy dinner solutions using condensed soup as an ingredient. This stroke of content marketing genius increased interest in Campbell’s Soup products and secured conversions for many years to come.

    The Campbell’s Soup Company enjoyed such success from this particular content marketing campaign that they later incorporated one helpful recipe on the label of each soup can.

    Campbell’s Soup Gets a Slogan & Expands

    In the early 1930s, Campbell’s Soup Company sets out to reach consumers through the radio waves. Included in their promotional radio spots is the phrase “Mm! Mm! Good!,” which it still uses today. As the number of people who rely on the radio for the latest news increases, Campbell’s Soup earns widespread exposure. Because of the mounting success Campbell’s Soup experiences as a result of savvy content marketing, the company expands its brand in the 1940s and 1950s to include V8 Juice, Pork & Beans, and frozen dinners.

    Campbell’s Soup Today

    Campbell’s Soup has become a staple for many American families who rely upon the soup to make dinner preparation easier. As the first company to use vehicle advertising and cookbooks to market their product, Campbell’s Soup Company has achieved global recognition for being a leader in ready-to-eat meals.

    What is your favorite Campbell’s Soup recipe? How can you spruce-up your content marketing?

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