What Businesses Should Know About Data Labels

If you’re in the office and trying desperately to find that folder, document, file or external hard drive that contains the piece of data you need to have for a big meeting without getting what you need, you may wonder why it happened. It could simply be because what you were looking for wasn’t labelled clearly enough

Data and asset labels are something businesses use to try and make everything a little easier to find, but what do they do, and how effective are they?

Finding what you want

Put simply, data labels are used to try and signpost just about anything you can think of: folders, files, individual documents, computers, external hard drives and even servers. Anything of significance to a business can be easy to see with a data/asset label, which make them worth having, plus they bring a number of other benefits to businesses.

Data labels can be made to incorporate:

  • The name of the worker who uses the file
  • The company logo, name and address
  • Where it should be located
  • Safety messages including ‘handle with care’
  • A security feature such as a barcode or code to make it easy to track in the event of theft or loss

Protection from theft and damage

You might find it absurd, but it’s possible that data or asset labels can help to act as a deterrent against theft or criminal damage. The main reason for this is that anything adorned with a data label will look like it’s been safeguarded in some way as opposed to, say, a computer that doesn’t have a label on it.

Data labels can not only act to deter criminals from stealing whatever they’re placed on, but they can also help to prohibit improper use. If, for example, an external hard drive is labelled correctly with instructions, then it’s less likely to be damaged through being used in the wrong way.

Any equipment with asset labels can also help make it easier for it to be tracked by the police. The same goes for dealing with insurers in case of fire damage or any other type of loss.

Helping to create a tidier office

One of the best things about having data labels is that, in making items look more visible, it makes keeping everything in its right place a breeze. At the same time, storing them is easy, meaning that any office space using them will look less cluttered.

Stuart Jailler from Seareach Ltd explained why it’s worthwhile for any business to use data labels:

“For a low cost, thousands of pieces of a corporations’ electronic equipment can be marked with an asset identification label and tracked in inventory software. From loaning equipment between departments, through to the effective control of company assets, this is an essential part of business housekeeping that is often overlooked”, he said.

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