New businesses helped to find temporary retail space

While sites such as Smallknot help to provide existing local businesses with the support and funds they need to grow, there is still space to foster those just starting out. Aiming to fill this gap is Storefront – a new marketplace that links startups to retail space owners with short term leases.

Companies looking for space to turn into a store can search the site, filtering by location and price range. Spaces listed on Storefront are typically available for one week to one month and are designed to help brands establish a temporary physical presence – either to gain experience of interacting with customers face to face or for one-off campaigns such as pop-up stores. The site also hopes to connect new local businesses with space owners in the area to foster community spirit. The following video explains the concept in more detail:

Retailers aren’t tied into long contracts and therefore won’t feel like they’re making too large an investment on their project, while landlords can easily find businesses to take up their unused space. How else can upcoming and online retailers be aided in establishing a brick-and-mortar presence?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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