Businesses connected with experts, raising money for charity in the process

Startups can always benefit from the experience of those who have already been through the process of setting up a new business. KnowHowMart is one platform that is enabling established professionals to sell their expertise, and now we’ve come across Connect for a Cause, an auction site that connects entrepreneurs with business leaders while also benefiting charities and non-profits.

Users first create a profile on the site detailing their business or career history. They can then browse existing auctions to win a meeting with a relevant expert or set up their own meeting if they believe others may benefit from meeting with them. Members creating their own auction must select at least one non-profit from those who have signed up. While Connect for a Cause aims to help startups gain expert advice to help them succeed, they can also utilize the site to link up with others just starting out in their industry. Auctions start from around USD 5 or USD 10.

Connect for a Cause provides a platform for industry leaders to give something back both to young businesses and charitable causes. How else can businesses be encouraged to use their success to better society?


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