Yahoo Small Business and PR Newswire have teamed up to offer this press release wizard that walks you through all the steps required to create a professional-style press release.
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A good headline grabs attention and motivates the reader to learn more. Keep it short and don't try to tell the entire story in the headline.
This field is optional. It can be used to expand on information in the headline, either adding another piece of information or more details on the core announcement in the press release.
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City of origin and date of release. Example: NEW YORK, Jan. 1, 2012 (Note: Available dates are the six months following tomorrow).
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This is where you reveal your most important information and motivate the reader to continue in order to learn more. Summarize your story in one to three sentences, with the most interesting, newsworthy, and important information as the top priority.
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This is where you provide more details and flesh out the story with background and context. The second paragraph starts to answer some of the key questions raised by teasers in the headline, subhead, and lead paragraph.
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Use the body to tell your whole story, in full detail, and answer all of the reader's questions. The body is the best place for information such as facts, statistics, and customer testimonials.
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A standard paragraph that describes your business: who you are and what you do.
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