DHL Package Tracking

Tracking numbers are used by DHL to identify and trace every package as it moves through the DHL system to its destination. DHL Package Tracking Help »

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Track it

Once you have created and processed your shipment, you can monitor the shipment's progress from origin to destination using DHL tracking. Up to 25 shipments can be tracked at once. Simply enter tracking numbers (also referred to as waybill numbers) in the tracking number box and then click Track. If you are tracking multiple shipments, make sure only one tracking number is entered per line.

Signed by codes...

If the recipient's name has been entered on delivery, that will be displayed in this line. Otherwise, use the list below to decipher the signed by codes.
LD Locally Delivered
FD Front Door
SD Side Door
BD Back Door
GAR Garage
LOF Left per Letter on File at Station
LPN Left per Signed note or Attempted Delivery Notice
Please note that DHL@home shipments do not have signature service.