Is Your Business in Sync With Your Customers?

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and the Internet, today’s hyper-connected, ultra-informed consumer expects more than most businesses are delivering. This has created an expectation gap. I talked about this gap in my SoLoMo Marketing Imperative post.

There’s Still a SoLoMo Customer Experience GapIs Your Business in Sync With Your Customers? image profit gap help 400 wht 6543 221x300Is Your Business in Sync With Your Customers?

Based on research by Accenture, 49% of those surveyed believe improving the shopping experience is the best thing retailers can do.

Here are some telling statistics from the survey:

  • 94% found in-store shopping easy
  • 74% said online shopping is easy
  • 26% found mobile phone shopping easy.

One other important note, 89% of the consumers surveyed said it was important to them that retailers allow them to shop in the way that is most convenient for them.

Seamless Retail Study – Accenture

Other SoLoMo Customer Experience Expectations

Consistency is important. Consumers expect pricing and promotions to be the same online and offline.

  • 73% of respondents expect pricing to be the same across channels.
  • 61% expect promotions to be the same online and in-store.
  • 73% of retailers surveyed offer the same promotions online or offline.
  • 16% offer the same prices online and offline.

While retailers have made up ground on the promotion front, clearly there is a wide expectation gap when it comes to pricing.

How can you close the gap?

Delivering relevant and timely content is a good start. Promotions are an important part of consumer decisions and I’ve seen some studies that indicate it’s becoming increasingly important.

The good news, when offers are relevant and timely, sometimes a nudge is all it takes to motivate purchase behavior. For example, a Canadian convenience chain discovered that offering small incentives like cents off gas purchases caused a significant number of customers to go into the store.

Listening to consumers and connecting the touchpoints to create a seamless experience requires collaboration and effort but the benefits can be significant. One way to achieve this is to listen to your employees, especially those who interact with customers. Treat them the way you want them to treat your customers.

What are some other ways to close the gap?

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