Make It Your Business to Ship Right the First Time

    By Tina Samuels | Small Business

    Make It Your Business to Ship Right the First Time image ACCBMake It Your Business to Ship Right the First TimeIf your small business drop ships to customers or ships direct from an on-site warehouse you’ll want to be sure that packages reach customers on time.

    While some businesses rely on the shipping company to take care of the entire shipping process, smart business owners keep an eye on shipments. From time tracking to ensure the fastest shipping method to insurance, how can you keep your shipments going in the right direction and on time?

    Keep the Customer Happy

    Customers are unhappy if their packages do not arrive within a specific time period.

    By time tracking packages you will find out just how quickly the packages arrive through your preferred shipping method. The United States Post Office is often considered the worst by many customers, which isn’t technically true. The USPS offers tracking numbers and several methods of shipping.

    You, as a business owner, can choose to pay for the shipping or pass the cost onto consumers. The cost will be based on the method of delivery and additional choices added to the shipping. You may add insurance, faster delivery (such as overnight or priority), and delivery confirmation. Packages shipping by the USPS are also covered by federal regulations for mail tampering.

    The most well known shipping company other than the USPS is United Parcel Service or UPS.

    Brown trucks are a familiar sight all around the world. People know when they see one of those trucks, their package is on the way. UPS is a reliable shipping service with time tracking options included in their shipping fees. Tracking numbers come standard on all shipments. UPS offers tracking agents in customer service departments that are dedicated to only tracking the location of packages – all day, every day. Insurance can be purchased on all shipments in increasing amounts.

    FedEx is the last of the ‘Big Three’ in shipping. Often utilized when super-fast shipping is needed. FedEx is very reliable, though all shipping companies have different delays in different areas of the world. Where FedEx is perfect in one location, the employees may not be as polite or careful in other localities.

    Delays Spell Trouble for Your Business

    Delays can cause problems for the business owner when a package does not show up on time. The customer may wish to have a replacement item sent or desire a refund. This ends up costing the business owner double in items and in shipping. Insurance may need to be purchased again. If a claim is needed, it should be filed against the shipping company to refund their charges or made with the business’ shipping insurance provider.

    Worst of all, the upset customer may choose online forums or social media to vent their unhappiness with you and your company, potentially costing you more business. In order to improve reviews, get it done right the first time, allowing only positive things to be said about you and your business.

    Most shipping companies offer insurance. Extra insurance can be purchased to cover the loss or injury of packages.

    In addition to this insurance a business owner can purchase shipping insurance that will help cover the cost of shipping loss. The plans can be customized for big or small business, much like home owner’s insurance.  Care should be taken when choosing shipping insurance as many of the insurers are highly targeted to only auctions, freight, or commercial shipping.

    If you ship things right from the start, chances are you will deliver yet another happy customer.

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