Business Growth Mentors: Are They Worth Their Salt?

Many coaches and other service businesses find themselves frustrated with business growth. Business Growth Mentors: Are They Worth Their Salt? image growmoneyBusiness Growth Mentors: Are They Worth Their Salt?At that point, it’s not uncommon to turn to a mentor a/k/a business coach a/k/a marketing coach.

But will you get real value from your investment?

I came across a good article on choosing a career coach that you can read here.

This article, from CNN Money, points out that some people benefit immensely from coaching while others find it a waste of time and money. They point out that to succeed, you need

… a coachable issue – a real clarity on why you’re here.
… a feeling of connectedness to your coach
… clear ground rules about how you’ll proceed
… a willingness (and ability) to do the necessary work

These conditions are similar to hiring a mentor, a business coach, a life coach or even a personal trainer or therapist.

When it comes to hiring a mentor, it’ tempting to throw money at your business problem. The truth is, the worst time to hire a mentor is when you feel helpless and desperate. It’s best to wait till you get some traction. And while some people do go into debt to hire a coach, others charge $10,000 on AmEx and come away with nothing but a mountain of debt and a feeling of frustration and discouragement.

3 Tips to Choosing A Mentor

Tip #1: Hiring a “big name” marquee coach can be lucrative when you’re ready to go whole hog out on your business. You’ll spend money, work 12-hour days and invest in a top level web development team

Tip #2: When you know your target market, and you know you have a hungry market, your coach can help you reach that market – if you choose wisely.

Tip #3: Before hiring a mentor coach, get a diagnostic (usually one or two sessions) if

- your business is struggling an you have no idea why
- you need to nail down your business idea and make sure it’s viable
- you aren’t sure what kind of business you want or even IF you want a business.

Finally, you will learn a lot from attending live events. Many people are exceptionally candid at those events and you’ll get a sense of who’s legit and who’s a hot air balloon.

Now you can download my new ebook on choosing a mentor coach to grow your coaching business (with applications to most service businesses). You’ll get answers to the 7 most commonly asked questions, and straight talk about the answers.

My goal is to help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by avoiding the wrong mentor – and increase your income substantially when you choose a mentor who’s a good match for you and your business. You also get 5 strategies for those who aren’t ready to choose a mentor, and 3 special bonuses.

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