Link Building for the Uninitiated

    By Craig Addyman | Small Business

    Link Building for the Uninitiated  image BaneLink Building for the Uninitiated Link building is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing campaign; it can increase keyword ranking visibility within the search engines, as well as provide relevant referral traffic and brand exposure.

    It really is the cornerstone of SEO and can yield great results. Link building is also one of the toughest aspects of SEO and where great results can be achieved, any wrong turns can result in your site dropping like a stone!

    Many seasoned link builders will be able to generally keep a site on the straight and narrow, but for those who just want a little more visibility and don’t have the resources to hire a professional, there is still hope.

    Finding Prospects

    There are many different ways in which to build links back to your site: first, you should look to gain leverage from current relationships. This is easily achieved by going to suppliers or partners and asking them to link to you. Chances are if there’s a good existing relationship there, then they’ll be happy to link.

    Another great way is by finding guest post opportunities (such as this here). Remember to only do this on sites that are relevant to your business and your audience. (More on this later in the post!)

    Set up Google alerts to track mentions of your brand, then Google will just email you every time you get a mention online. All you do then is manually check them to see why you were mentioned and simply contact the site owner to politely ask them to include a link in the review they have done. If there is already a link then maybe just share it on your email newsletter or on your social channels.

    Qualifying prospects

    Once you get into the swing of things you will come across many opportunities, really all you need to do is set aside a few hours a week where you can look for potential candidates and begin building the necessary relationships.

    However, one issue you will come across is being able to differentiate a quality site to a poor quality site. This does take a little technical knowledge and skill but there are some easy checks you can do to ensure your link building efforts aren’t in vain.

    Your first check is to ensure its relevant. This should be common sense, don’t try gain links where they’re not wanted. If a sites average user wouldn’t be interested in clicking the link back to your site then it shouldn’t be there. Period.

    Next, look for life! Is the site updated regularly? Does it have a nice design? Does it have a presents? Look for comments in their blog posts and check out their social channels, do they have and followers on twitter? All these things are basic tell-tale signs that the site is natural (not built for SEO purposes) and it will therefore likely have links itself.

    Following these basic guidelines should help keep you keep your site a healthy one!

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