Building Creative Email Marketing Strategies

Building Creative Email Marketing Strategies image creativeemail2 300x281Building Creative Email Marketing StrategiesIt is easy to understand why successful marketing professionals love email marketing. You are probably one of them.

Email marketing is a low-cost, high-return marketing channel built on a solid foundation of permission, which virtually guarantees significant levels of engagement.

Carefully targeted campaigns can be deployed rapidly, with initial campaign analytics showcasing successes within minutes of delivery. This data can then be utilized to improve future campaigns or made available across your organization to aid your sales and/or customer support teams with their daily interactions with potential and existing clients.

Okay, you know this already. But be warned—familiarity can lead to contempt.

The fact that email marketing works so well “out of the box” and can even deliver respectable returns from less than optimized campaigns means that is very easy to become complacent about the channel.

It is perhaps the success and relative ease of email marketing that can lead to one of its greatest failings. It can become something of habit, churned out to suit marketers’ schedules, rather than the recipients’ needs. In such cases, your email marketing will deliver less than optimized results. When this happens, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

• Am I giving my email marketing campaigns enough thought and attention?
• Could I be producing more creative, targeted campaigns?
• Am I engaging with my clients or just broadcasting?

With a little additional strategy, email marketing can exceed your already elevated expectations of this high-performance channel.

Download the iContact (Email Marketing by Vocus) Guide to Building Creative Email Marketing Strategies.

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