Build A Website From Scratch The Right Way The First Time

    By Mitz Pantic | Small Business

    When building a WordPress website from scratch, to compete with the large amount of competition in today’s society, there is no room for mistakes. SEO and website usability are very important for both the search engines and your website users, therefore building a website the right way the first time is essential to your success.

    Do It Right the First Time

    When you first start a WordPress website you should get into a habit of creating your website the right way the first time. For example people often create WordPress categories on-the-fly and end up with too many categories that mean nothing. If only they had developed a plan to create a certain number of categories that were actually required and made sense.

    Again when a new webmaster creates posts they do not complete the process fully. Each article or post on a website needs the finer details filled in.

    For example:

    • A short sweet url that has the main keywords in it is best.
    • A concise description that tells the website visitor what to expect.
    • A catchy post title to catch the fish.
    • An eye catching image with an ALT attribute that describes the image. (3 words at most)

    These are just simple examples that are very important to implement from the start. There is no use creating 1000 posts of your blog only to find out that you need to go back and edit each one individually.

    Get the Right Host Behind Your Business

    Build A Website From Scratch The Right Way The First Time image hosting couponBuild A Website From Scratch The Right Way The First TimeChoosing the right web hosting can be a difficult task, especially when everyone recommends a particular host to you because they might score a commission from your purchase. Sad but true.

    I recommend Hostgator website hosting as I use this service and also sell it. I even give people a bonus when they contact me and tell me they bought through my coupon code MITZSave25. Why? It is because they have looked after me and all the customers I have referred to them. It is just that simple.

    I have seen hosting companies ruin businesses from too much down time, malware invasions and more. Hostgator has 24-7 instant chat where they try to fix your problem right then and there. If they cannot then you get a support ticket which is always taken care of within a few hours.

    I also recently investigated the speed of my websites and compared them to similar sites hosted on WPengine and other such companies. Hostgator is just as good and I found that the speed mostly came down to the setup of your website, the theme and plugins, and the background coding.

    Know Possible Mistakes Before They Occur

    Because website building is such a detailed job it is necessary to be familiar with errors and mistakes that can cause devastating problems. Simple little things can cause your website to crash, sometimes even so bad that it is impossible to resurrect. (Yep, been there done that!)

    Even silly little broken links on websites can cause your site to drop out the search engine rankings, so yes these facts are important to know.

    Simple errors you might take for granted:

    • Bad web hosting, site not even showing up or slow
    • Broken links
    • Duplicate titles, descriptions, content
    • Malware invasion
    • Slow site loading times

    Get the Right WordPress Theme

    Every site is different and requires a unique WordPress theme. That is why I own 100 or more premium WordPress themes, including over 80 from Elegant Themes. Unfortunately many new website owners try to save money and use a free WordPress theme. This is not worth it, and I 100% guarantee you will end up with a premium theme anyway, especially if you read about the code they hide in some free themes.

    Examples of some top themes:

    • Elegant Themes: Awesome designs for every occasion and easy to use for a newbie. You can also build a business building websites for other people by buying the developers license.
    • Genesis Theme: I now have 3 sites running Genesis and I was shocked at the website loading times when I first installed this theme.
    • Thesis Theme: I must say, I thought Thesis was awesome until I tried Genesis, however you might prefer Thesis.

    This videos shows some WordPress themes I use that also are great for making money. I choose my themes based on a business decsion

    Don’t Overcrowd Your Website

    We have talked about sidebar etiquette on a WordPress website but new web-masters seem to overcrowd more than the sidebar. In fact they go crazy when they figure out how to add something to their site. Not just that, they waste an enormous amount of time figuring out this stuff, only to remove it all later. (Sound familiar?)

    I have seen websites with 8 ads in the sidebar and more in the post and in the footer. The funny thing is, when it comes to monetizing a WordPress website, none of these methods REALLY work.

    Build A Website From Scratch The Right Way The First Time image website overcrowdedBuild A Website From Scratch The Right Way The First Time


    OMG I am sick of saying this but I just can’t help myself. Simplify everything and you will see the picture clearly, and…, so will your website users. Could it be any easier than that?

    Do not stress about the things you cannot do and concentrate on the things you CAN DO.

    • If you are not a coder then do not get involved in coding your website. Just publish great content, promote it, and stop always wanting more.
    • If you are not good at writing, either learn how to do this well or hire someone to do it for you.
    • If you are not a web designer then buy a premium WordPress theme and get on with the job.
    • If you cannot add a picture to the sidebar then don’t. In time you will understand these tasks and think that they are simple.

    People read my articles and then tell me that they would like to take action but a particular task is stopping them. Usually it is remodelling a theme or doing something beyond their scope. All I want to say is, “Why are you doing that when you should be creating content and promoting it?”

    Get the Right Information First

    Many people want to learn how to build a WordPress website and search the internet for information. No doubt all of the tutorials you will ever need are available for free on the internet but the problem is, there are too many with outdated information. People also need not have any qualifications to share information about building a website and often recommend products according to the commissions they receive.

    This is not how I do business. All of my WordPress basic tutorials are absolutely free and in a logical order so they are easy for the absolute newbie. There is no obligation to buy anything at all, especially if you already have hosting and a domain name. So feel free to grab this valuable information from someone who knows how to not only build websites from scratch, but also make them highly successful.

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