How to Build a Marketing Team of the Future

How to Build a Marketing Team of the Future  image marketing team future 600x450How to Build a Marketing Team of the Future

Times they are a-changing. To make sure the people in your marketing team can stay ahead in the modern world of marketing, they need to develop new skills, be more innovative than ever, and take complete advantage of the fact that we are living through a revolution and there are no rules.

With the old ways of marketing completely over – honestly, nobody wants to hear you banging on about how great your product is – today’s marketing gurus need the skills and empathy to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, in order to understand their needs, along with the creativity to then develop the campaigns that resonate with them.

The Marketing Team You Need

To be successful today, marketers need all the skills they had before the digital revolution and then some. has come up wth these Characteristics of Modern Marketers and B2B Online has identified the need for content knowledge, digital aptitude and sales enablement skills, all of which we definitely agree with, but we’ve also added some of our own:

  • Constructively creative – by this we mean creative in the content they produce, the campaigns they design and the way they think, but in a way that resonates with the audience to get the results you need. They are not just creative for the kudos that being a ‘creative type’ brings, or to have fun, and because everyone else is developing lots of great content. As Marketing Apocalypse point out in their You’re Missing The Point AKA Your Missing Point article: “Successful content marketing requires more than clever copywriting and creative development and design. You need to build conversations around everything you create, and you might not want to spend a lot of time creating something that won’t inspire conversation. On top of all that, make sure the conversations you participate in are relevant to your interests as a person or a brand.”

  • Cross-functionally collaborative – in the olden days marketing was a very solitary department, only occasionally talking to sales or product development then mostly ignoring what they had to say. The modern marketer needs to be friends with all areas of the business to get the knowledge they need to create marketing content that works. It’s also about employee engagement as what’s the point of marketing pulling in leads if a) they don’t get followed up and b) once they do convert the customer experience is not what the marketing messages promised? This article from MarketingProfs, Companywide Collaboration: Marketing’s Crucial Role, goes into this in more detail.

  • Not just tech-savvy but tech-excited – marketing automation, social media marketing, banner ads, PPC, search marketing, mobile marketing, responsive websites… you need your team to know all about everything that’s current, be motivated to learn how to get the best out of it, and to care enough to keep their fingers on the pulse to see what’s coming next. In a survey they carried out in 2012, Gartner discovered that 70% of the organisations that took part had a Chief Marketing Technologist role. Have you got one yet?

  • Strategic, tactical and analytical – it used to be thought of as a ‘big ask’ to get marketers that could think of the bigger picture, recognise how to achieve it, get stuck in and do what needs to be done to get there, then analyse what worked, what didn’t and what the ROI was. Today it’s a prerequisite and the modern marketer not only knows that they need to be like this but also wants to be. The tools they now have at their disposal with the growth of marketing automation means it’s much easier to be all three, and much more fun too. Follow these 10 Tips For Building Your Next-Gen Marketing Team from to make sure you get the right team around you.

The Way Your Team Needs to Work

So once you’ve got your brilliant, motivated and forward-thinking team in place you need to make sure you’ve got some great ways of working in place to make the most of them.

  • Don’t get stuck in a marketing rut – how will you know if you are stuck in a rut? There are four signs that will give it away listed in this article from TopRank. It’s easy to keep doing the same old things you’ve done before with a slightly different twist but trying new things and new ways of working is the only way to find out if you can get better results.

  • Get brainstorming – the best way to avoid ruts and keep the creative juices flowing is to have regular brainstorming sessions. Rather than everyone just sitting at their desks getting on with their own tasks, get them all together to debate, discuss and get motivated to make everyone’s campaigns as good as they can be. Brainstorm with the best of them by following the tips in this MarketingLand article: How to Brainstorm with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

  • Keep measuring, keep changing – everyone in the team needs to be responsible for providing the results of what they do. If you’re not measuring it, don’t do it. Marketing analytics is the name of today’s game. Then, depending on what the results reveal, you can bin it, duplicate it, tweak it – just don’t do it then forget about it. To help you easily see what results you’re getting, Eloqua have identified 3 Tests Every Marketing Dashboard Must Pass.

Keeping the Team Motivated

Imperative for success is keeping the marketing team motivated, and to help with this, Demand Media have come up with some tips, which in short are:

  • Get to know them – don’t be a distant figure

  • Be clear about expectations

  • Make sure they know the brand inside out

  • Have open communication channels

  • Provide forums for creative ideas

  • Give them the marketing training they need

So now you’ve got the great team sorted and the working processes in place to motivate and get the most out of them – go get results!

So now you have a marketing team in place, have you got a pull strategy to implement? No? Then read our eGuide: Is pushing for business pushing you to the edge? and find out how to transform your business with a pull marketing strategy.

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