How to Bring Financial Life to Your Dying Blog

With over 100,000 blogs going live every single day, just imagine how many of them quickly die off to just wither away on the internet to nothingness.

Blogs can die for a lot of reasons… here are just a few:

  • Loss of interest
  • No money or time for blogging
  • Just wanted to try it out
  • Business model didn’t work
  • Not seeing any results

There are actually a ton of reasons why a blog could die, but we are going to focus on how to resurrect a dying blog into something meaningful.

How to Bring Financial Life to Your Dying Blog image Banking Times New Blog 300x208How to Bring Financial Life to Your Dying Blog

In a recent story on I wrote about how a once successful Adsense revenue driving blog was dying off as it was no longer generating the money it needed to pay off it’s writing staff. In a complete turn around the site owner decided to revamp the site and it’s monetization method. Instead of focusing on sending leads away for a few dollars, they would create a lead gen of their own, collect annuity leads and sell to another provider.

This is an excellent way to earn more revenue, own your own data and just be a middle man.

So the first scenario for bringing financial life to your blog is: BETTER MONETIZATION

What about if you don’t have the time to run your blog, build backlinks or even write content?

Simple, focus on OUTSOURCING!

Again, my BloggingTips site has a whole team of writers that I have brought together to continually update the site with original content. Yes, it costs money but the site is always growing with new content and I can focus my time and efforts elsewhere.

If needed you can also hire an SEO team to manage your link building, some else to manage all of your social media marketing and finally someone to manage all of the writers on your site. I wouldn’t recommend going nuts on hiring people to do all of this stuff unless you have a ton of money and plans to build a mega site.

Most of these tasks can be done at a minimal amount and you will still see decent results. There is also no need to physically bring people into your company, as these tasks can be hired full or part time through some of the top outsourcing job sites.

BUYING up the competition…

The third piece of advice for bringing financial success to a dead blog is to buy up the competition!

How to Bring Financial Life to Your Dying Blog image Buy Sites Through FlippaHow to Bring Financial Life to Your Dying Blog

With millions of blogs out there, plenty of them are dead and without any recent activity, but that doesn’t mean they are worthless.

Whether it’s through expired domain names, online site auctions or connecting through webmaster forums… you can buy up old blogs and sites super cheap and have a much better chance at finding success with them vs. buying a new domain name and starting from scratch.

Always be sure to look at the domain and link history of anything you buy.

The next time you come across a site that is dead in the dumps and looking for life… try to implement some of these ideas and see if there is potential left in the site.

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