At Brazilian café, cyclists get a free meal

We’ve seen restaurants encourage ethical behavior before, with the Halfsies program sending donations to fight hunger when customers opt for a smaller portion. Now the Le Repas bistro in Brazil is offering a free salad for any diner who rides their bike to the café as a reward for being green.

The program was set up by sommelier Karen Ferrari, who was inspired by the number of cyclists she saw on a trip to Paris. Now, visitors to the French-themed restaurant who arrive on two wheels are greeted with a bowl of fresh green leaves to give them some healthy sustenance for their journey. Ferrari hopes that the reward will provide an incentive for cyclists to visit, as well as encouraging other local businesses to try something similar. If successful, perhaps a few more people will be traveling around the area on bike, doing their bit to cut carbon emissions.

Are there other similarly simple ways to incentivize eco-friendly behaviour?


Spotted by: Regina Gauer

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