Branding is the Backbone to Your Business

    By Craig Smith | Small Business

    Building a Brand in Digital Age

    Building a brand hasn’t really changed much in the digital age. Branding is still the backbone to marketing a business and building a good reputation. You still have to give value to your customers or clients. The only real difference between traditional branding and online branding is that it has expanded in its mediums. You now have to translate your brand against a variety of mediums. There is still the traditional elements, like a logo, business cards, print ads and designs. With digital, you now have your website, social media sites, online video, and lastly online marketing.

    It isn’t all about the SEO (search engine optimization).

    Online traffic is great, but being number one on Google for your target market or keyword doesn’t mean you will automatically get conversions. Conversion really is the most important thing, and unless you focus on branding no amount of traffic is going to get you the potential of sales or clients you can achieve by building your brand.

    Conversions come from clients or customers that trust you as a company, and who can see from your brand, and professional appearance that you have their best interest at heart. An enormous amount of text on your homepage and not focusing on your visitors is a sure way to come off as non-professional. In other words, if you are catering your site to the robots (search engine web crawlers), you are going to lose the humans. Bad design and repeating the same keywords over and over is a sure way to create distrust from your website visitors. You only have about 3 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors. If you have a busy website, or just a bunch of text on the page you can bet that they are going to hit the back button and click on the next link down in their search results.

    So as tempting as it might be to hire a company that offers search engine optimization as well as web design, you have to take a good hard look at their design samples and make sure that they are indeed a company that understands the importance of branding. They can claim to understand it, but a true gauge will come from their design samples.

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