BrainCert Review – E-Learning In a Virtual Environment

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    BrainCert Review – an e-learning platform that functions almost exactly like a traditional classroom

    Requiring students to be physically present in a classroom in order to enroll in a course is a barrier that prevents people who live in remote areas from taking full advantage of educational opportunities. BrainCert is aiming to bring down those walls, offering a virtual classroom and adaptive testing platform that is equally useful for students, instructors, and organizations. In this BrainCert review, I plan on taking the e-learning platform for a test drive and finding out what it’s really like to become a student in an online course. Looking closely at the tutorials and tests that instructors post, along with live classes and conferences, I hope to gain a better understanding of who could benefit the most from using BrainCert.

    BrainCert Review – About the Product

    BrainCert is an e-learning platform that gives everyone an equal opportunity to achieve a world-class education. A soup-to-nuts solution for students and instructors, BrainCert offers tools to create (and take) online courses, tests, assessments, and quizzes. Instructors can host live seminars and conferences online, engaging with students located halfway around the world. Content and media publishing tools also allow instructors to publish content publicly or privately without dealing with the headaches associated with converting basic files into online courseware.

    Main Functionality of BrainCert

    BrainCert functions differently, depending on whether you’re a student, an instructor, or an organization. For students, the platform serves as an online institution that offers ways to study, socialize, and learn new skills. Students can search for courses, tutorials, and tests, and they can take training classes that are focused on their specific areas of interest. BrainCert’s “virtual classroom” functions in nearly the same way as a traditional classroom — providing students with a place to access live or recorded class sessions and participate in audio/video chats. Instant messaging is also available for students who wish to contribute more in a live classroom setting.

    For educators, BrainCert functions as a tool for creating courses, delivering tests, and reaching out to students who cannot make it to a physical classroom nearby. Instructors can upload documents from virtually any source and rely on BrainCert to convert those files into courseware. They can then charge for their courses and tests, and collect funds via PayPal and Stripe.

    For organizations, BrainCert works in largely the same way. Corporations, educational institutions and other groups are able to develop versatile online training programs for their employees or students using BrainCert’s tools. Functionally, BrainCert is able to track training results in real-time and provide employers with inside information about who their top performers really are.

    Benefits of Using BrainCert

    BrainCert opens up the world to people who are interested in learning but cannot make it to a physical classroom for one reason or another. The virtual learning platform offers courses that are structured in a way that students will remember — with instructors lecturing and hosting real-time conferences through interactive video link. Online tests and quizzes help to ensure that students aren’t falling behind, and any questions they may have about the course topic are being addressed.

    As an instructor, BrainCert makes it incredibly easy to create and host a class. Instructors can easily import SCORM 1.2 and 2004 4th edition content packages to use in their own courses. BrainCert even gives instructors the option to using virtual whiteboards and PowerPoint slides, or using “BreakOut Rooms” to foster individual collaboration among students. Instructors are financially rewarded for their hard work creating top-level courses; BrainCert integrates with PayPal and Stripe, allowing instructors generate revenue by selling their tests and courses.

    The Basics: What Does the Interface Look Like?

    Log in to BrainCert and start your day by reviewing all the recent activities at your institution. BrainCert organizes these activities into a newsfeed and lets you filter updates based on the people you follow.

    BrainCert Review – E Learning In a Virtual Environment image BrainCert1BrainCert ReviewActivity feed

    Click on the “Learn” tab and select from a list of the latest tests. Each test includes tags that show you how many questions to expect, the price, the number of attempts students have made, and the author.

    BrainCert Review – E Learning In a Virtual Environment image BrainCert2BrainCert ReviewTests

    Become an instructor on BrainCert and start generating revenue from your hard work. You can upload educational files from your computer to BrainCert or import directly from SCORM.

    BrainCert Review – E Learning In a Virtual Environment image BrainCert3BrainCert ReviewBecoming an instructor

    Support Information

    Whether you’re looking for tips to build a better course or information on importing SCORM packages, you’ll find the resources you’re searching for in BrainCert’s Support Forum. Browse the forum based on which topics have generated the most interest from fellow users, or search for posts by keyword. You can also post your own questions, to be answered by BrainCert insiders. Before posting a question in the forum or creating a support ticket, BrainCert encourages you to search for the answer to your query in the FAQ section. The FAQ section includes articles on setting up payment preferences, changing plans, and inviting candidates for pre-hire testing, among dozens of other topics.

    Pricing Information

    All paid BrainCert plans include a free 60-day trial. Students who are just getting their toes wet with BrainCert can try out the Start plan for free. For more advanced features, students and instructors are encouraged to try the Basic plan ($18.95 per month), the Pro plan ($48.95 per month), or the Enterprise plan ($98.95 per month). The Enterprise plan is generally the option chosen by large businesses, as well.

    BrainCert Review – The Bottom Line

    BrainCert has developed an e-learning platform that functions almost exactly like a traditional classroom. The intuitive interface is easy for both students and instructors to use. Live conferencing and whiteboard tools allow instructors to teach their material in the ways they see fit, pulling down some of the barriers that have hampered e-learning platforms in the past. BrainCert also offers a social learning feature that students can use to “follow” other students and share private content online. Overall, BrainCert is a standout tool for people looking to learn and share their knowledge with others.

    Ratings: ease of use 5/5, features 5/5, value 4/5

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