Brace Yourselves, Facebook Is Changing Again

    By Amber Ludeman | Small Business

    Facebook is constantly changing up its algorithm, ad options and appearances, but major changes usually get the “I’m leaving!” or “Ugh, why Facebook, whyyyyy” response. Generally, though, people accept the changes within a few days and move on. And that’s good for the social networking giant because it means they can still make pretty big changes every six months or so.

    On March 7th, it appears that Facebook is making one of those big changes to your news feed. It has yet to be determined what exactly the new news feed will look like, but they have released some changes for personal timelines that will go into effect around the same time. Here is an overview of what you will see:

    Brace Yourselves, Facebook Is Changing Again image screen shot 2013 03 01 at 12 55 58 pm1 300x199facebook timeline changes

    Your timeline sections (about, friends, photos, etc.) will appear like tabs for a more streamlined look.

    Brace Yourselves, Facebook Is Changing Again image screen shot 2013 03 01 at 1 08 43 pm 300x165facebook timeline changes

    images courtesy of Mashable

    Your photos will appear on the lefthand side (9 square tile previews). Photos and videos also appear to be a bit bigger. We assume that the changes made to personal timelines will also affect brand timelines, but that has yet to be confirmed.

    None of these timeline changes are groundbreaking, so it will be interesting to see what the new news feed features. We have a feeling that it will further integrate sponsored stories and suggested pages to make advertisers happy. But we also predict that it will have something to do with further integrating graph search as well. You currently have to sign up for graph search, but the global roll out seems to be in the works for 2013. We’ll keep you posted on details as they become available.

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