Bottle turns water into germ-killing ozone


Chlorine is a common substance used by catering facilities to ensure their surfaces are left clean, but it often comes with side effects of a nasty odor and residue. Eco3Spray is a new handheld device that creates ozone out of regular tap water, helping to fight bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella.

The Eco3Spray bottles use patented diamond electrolysis to convert H2O into dissolved O3 — known as ozone — which is proven to kill micro-organisms and offer bleaching capabilities. Rather than using chemicals such as chlorine, users simply fill the bottle up with tap water and the bottle converts it into ozone when it’s sprayed. It is able to kill 99.9 percent of known bacteria, as well as some common viruses, and works on almost any surface. The device meets FDA requirements for use in environments where food is being prepared, and is more eco friendly than other chemical alternatives. The video below explains more about the invention:

The Eco3Spray could prove to be a safer and more effective solution for caterers, especially mobile vendors such as food trucks who may run out of cleaning products while on the move. Are there other ways that the power of water can be harnesses for eco alternatives to chemical products?


Spotted by Dietfried Globocnik, written by Springwise

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