How to Make a Boring Product Stand Out With a Blog

You have an exciting new name for your blog, you have the motivation to promote your product, but the only problem is that you are the only one with enthusiasm. You have a boring product. Fear not! There are some handy tips that will help you to inject life into the mundane, to enliven the ordinary, and to make the most boring everyday item into an exciting must have!

Maximise the visual!

We are creatures of habit and people generally don’t buy into things unless they have seen it or have tried it first. So the same as with any visual promotion, it is of extreme importance that the photos, videos and pictures of your product are as attractive and exciting as possible. Use imagery that stands out as different, try unusual or extraordinary things that have an element of humour and possibly even naughtiness. Make sure the pictures you use are colourful and eye catching, this way the person’s interest may be aroused to read the blog and buy into your newly exciting product.

Cut To The Chase!

Remember to keep it simple. When looking for an everyday and mostly boring item online, customers want to find the product fast so if they have to read through unnecessary material to find out the stats for the item customers may be tempted to move on. So make it swift and easy to read with useful and interesting information based on these first two principles. So now what?

Tell a Tale or Two!

People love stories. No matter where you come from or where you are now, you love to hear a good tale and are drawn in to find out what happens next. So use a Tale in your blog when writing about your product. Tell the readers how this product helped you to find the woman of your dreams or how you helped rescue someone from doing something they would regret for the rest of their lives by buying your product.

Does that sound a bit extreme?

Well it works! The facts are that once you have someone’s attention you can then promote a service or product that they need and make them feel they need it. Also the element of humour comes in again so make your tales fun and inventive. A tale doesn’t have to be invented either, you can use customer feedback and testimonials in your blog and people always enjoy to hear how others have benefited from a product or service. For an example of how you could do this you can visit The Workplace Depot and see how they have used their blog in this way effectively.

So finally remember these top tips, Maximise the Visual by making your product stand out from the rest, Cut to the Chase by sticking to the main points and Tell a Tale and draw the interest into your product. Sticking to these simple principles when setting up, writing and adding to your blog, you will be making a boring product into an exciting must have!

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