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A Boring Blog image Boring TweetsA Boring BlogSearch through a selection of Social Media blogs and you are guaranteed to read about creating a solid content strategy or choosing an individual tone of voice. Indeed, read through some of my blogs and I am preaching this particular message.

However, what happens when a profile comes along that utterly contradicts everything we write in blogs, present in speeches, chat about to our clients? What happens if a profile does the exact opposite of what we consider to be best practice?

They get 70,000 followers.

Take that convention!

Boring Tweeter encapsulates everything ‘anti social’. Initially, as a Social Media professional, you look at this profile and hate the creator. We strive all day (and often all night) to create compelling / attractive / engaging profiles for our clients, then this ‘chancer’ strolls in with very little and smashes it!

Look beyond that jealousy though and Boring Tweeter is actually doing something very clever. We talk to all our clients about finding your tone of voice. That is the distinguishing factor. We saw a great example last week. All brands ‘used’ the Royal Baby as Social fodder, but a select few received huge attention, except for those doing it with a distinct voice.

Boring Tweeter takes it to the extreme and we were lucky enough to gain access to him. I sent him over a list of questions last week via email. Even this was responded to in his recognisable tone:

‘I’ll have a look over these questions when I’m back from Swindon’.

Those of you that follow him will understand this reference.

We started with some quick fire questions, you know, to loosen him up:

1. Favourite A Road:

A229 from Maidstone to Staplehurst

2. Last time you used a bin:

18 minutes ago

3. 3rd favourite Alton Towers ride:

I’ve never been

4. Favourite Herb:


5. Favourite Motorway Services:

Michael Wood services on the M5 (northbound)

6. Second favourite A Road:

A249 Sheerness to Kemsley

7. Still or sparkling (water):


8. Favourite sized drill bit:


9. Olympic events: 800m or 1500m; discuss:

1500m – I like long drawn out tactical races

10. Least favourite cash point:

Any Spar one

BONUS QUESTION: Second favourite Motorway Services:

Michael Wood services on the M5 (southbound)

Once we’d extracted the above information out of him, it was time to get a greater insight into his Social presence.

People speak and blog endlessly about the need to be creative and innovative on Twitter. You’ve kicked this rule to the side, yet managed to get 70,000+ followers. How did this happen?

People followed me when I Tweeted something they liked… plus I’m a maverick!

Do you think brands can learn anything from your tone? For example, imagine you were the Head of Social Media for Starbucks. What would your first Tweet be?

Buy our Coffee. It is good.

You’ve been engaging with Ricky Gervais on Twitter on an almost daily basis. Has this helped increase your following? And how does Steve feel about the fact you have a new best friend? (You’ll have to check his profile for this reference).

Yes, it has increased my following. Steve will always be my best friend. He is a really nice bloke.

Finally, do you have any advice to Social Media Managers that spend hours creating shareable, thought provoking and motivating content?

Always get to B&Q for when they open – they have a 20% off plants sale.

So there you have it. On the face of it, this is another fantastic spoof account on Twitter that has ‘made it’ to the mainstream. For me though, it’s more than that. It is in fact proof that creating a very personal and individual ‘character’ across Social… works. This is one extreme. Consider someone at the other end of the scale; someone like Paddy Power. They are the ‘people’s profile’. They listen to their audience; their entire strategy is built around the user. It’s this tone of voice that sets you apart.

Chuck in a riveting conversation with Ricky Gervais and you have indeed created a Social “maverick”.

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