Book club for kids ‘grows’ with the subscriber

Much the way Little Pnuts sends young kids battery-free toys by monthly subscription, so the Little Book Club does something similar with books. Specifically, the California-based service sends kids three brand new books each month, including a combination of classics, bestsellers, and educational books tailored to the child’s current age and reading level.

Targeting children up to age 6, the Little Book Club curates its monthly selections to suit the subscriber, ranging from image-heavy, brightly colored board books for very young kids all the way up to books designed to help older kids develop their reading skills. Each month there’s a different theme associated with the shipment – dinosaurs or colors, for example – and as the child’s reading and comprehension skills improve, the books they receive become more advanced. Once their child has outgrown a particular book, parents have the option of returning it to the Little Book Club for donation to foster children using a pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope. Pricing on the company’s monthly subscription service is USD 24.95 per month including shipping.

Currently, the Little Book Club ships only within the United States, but service to Canada, the UK and Australia is coming soon. Education-minded entrepreneurs: one to partner with or emulate in your area?


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