Bluetooth-enabled garments help owners find them

It’s no secret that technology can help locate what’s lost, whether it be pets, objects or children. Whereas many of the innovations we’ve seen in this area have been RFID-enabled, however, New York designer Asher Levine has turned instead to Bluetooth-enabled microchips as a means of keeping track of the items in his fashion line.

Levine is known for creating custom garments for Will.I.Am., The Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, among others. Recently, Levine reportedly partnered with Phone Halo, developer of tracking software for Bluetooth devices, to embed garments in his Fall/Winter 2013 collection with Bluetooth-enabled microchips. That way, if items are misplaced or stolen, owners can simply press a button within an accompanying iPhone app to make the garment in question “ring” out loud, according to a Co.Design report. If they’re too far away, the app will apparently locate them in Google Maps.

Another innovation, another step closer to the Internet of Things. Tech-minded entrepreneurs: how could you take the concept a step further?


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