Blue Goji turns exercise into a gaming session


Running on a treadmill can often feel like a thankless chore if there’s no other stimulus to keep you going, which is why exercise has become one of the most gamified activities. From the makers of Guitar Hero, Blue Goji uses wireless controllers and fitness trackers to immerse indoor runners into a world of gaming as they exercise.

Designed for use with equipment such as exercise bikes, elliptical Machines, treadmills or stair-steppers, the platform works through mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone along with a set of controllers and activity sensors. The controllers can either be held in the hands or attached easily to equipment handlebars. Blue Goji currently offers a range of around 12 titles, available from the App Store, which encourage users to keep going in order to progress. Some games require the player to continue running or pedaling in order to keep the game character moving, while others simply offer rewards and new levels for continued exercise. The activity tracker also lets users see their stats after each session as another incentive to maintain a regular routine. The video below offers a demonstration of the system:

In the past, we’ve seen concepts such as Virtual Active — the iPad app that enables indoor runners to get a sense of traveling through the world’s cities while they exercise — but Blue Goji truly takes users’ minds off the task of getting fit and, as the website says, makes 30 minutes exercise feel like five. The kit is available for USD 99. Is there any unexplored niches in the world of gamified fitness?


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