How Bloomberg TV Has Become A Leading Social Brand [Video]

How Bloomberg TV Has Become A Leading Social Brand [Video] image bloombergtvHow Bloomberg TV Has Become A Leading Social Brand [Video]

We met up with an overwhelming amount of clever folk at SXSW 2013 and a few of them were kind enough to have a chat with us on video.

We’ve interviews from Bing, Samsung Mobile and Pernod Ricard still to come, but the first we’re publishing is with Katy Finneran, Social Media Producer for Bloomberg TV who discusses the many ways social media is changing the business.

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Going into detail on the importance of the second screen and third screen balance, Katy talks on how producers at Bloomberg TV use social to capture audiences from the wider online sphere and lead them into to their interesting and engaging content for users to consume either on live TV or on demand.

Katy goes on to explain how the cross platform experience is key in attracting and keeping their younger audience, which is an advantage she believes Bloomberg TV holds over its competitors.

She explains how, with so much information on the social web and more traditional online sources, TV producers must address the constant challenges in dealing with increasingly short attention spans online, particularly for younger content consumers.

Another issue addressed in the interview is the question of who should be social. Katy works with much of Bloomberg TV’s talent on social and emphasises the importance of genuine content. She believes that social can only be effective when using your true tone and voice.

At Bloomberg TV, social media is so ingrained in the business that producers even use platforms like Twitter to source interesting guests, breaking news stories and much more.

It was fascinating for us to hear how a company like Bloomberg TV is adapting with the evolution of social media, we hope you enjoy it too. Thanks, Katy!

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