Podio Co-Founder Kaspar Hulthin answers questions in a Live Chat

    By Scott Gerber | Small Business

    The live chat has now ended. We will update this page in about 48 hours to show edited video highlights of the live chat. Thank you to all who took part live!

    Kasper Hulthin is a serial entrepreneur who most recently co-founded Podio to change how we work. Podio is an online work platform, acquired by Citrix in April 2012, and now used by more than 200,000 companies worldwide to collaborate in teams. Kasper was born in Denmark and graduated as a Master in Management of Innovation and Business development from Copenhagen Business School. Podio has been advocating the Future of Work and has been mentioned as part of solution by various publications. Currently Kasper lives between Copenhagen, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, experiencing the challenges and benefits of working from anywhere on a weekly basis. He's a frequent speaker on entrepreneurship and the Future of Work.

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