Live Chat with Chris Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of appsavvy

    By owenl | Small Business

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    Chris Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of appssavvy, leads appssavvy’s mission to rethink the delivery and reception of advertising. He co-founded appssavvy and grew the company as a sales and marketing services organization to more than $20 million in annual revenue by the end of 2010. Towards the end of that year, he set-out to transform the company to one entrenched in technology. Chris is a recognized voice in the digital ad industry. He’s been a featured speaker at leading events, including International CES and the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting and was named as one of the "Most Important People in Mobile Advertising" by Business Insider.

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    How Small Businesses Should Use AdvertisingChris Cunningham CEO of appssavvy on his YEC Live Chat explains that some small businesses may use cold calling to land big clients. However, that tactic is not scaleable. Using advertising will ensure your brand is in front of the right people at the right times.Q. via Owen Linderholm: Chris - can you tell us how small businesses should be thinking about advertising on the web?

    What type of education should I have? Most of what you do in startups like appssavvy can be learned on the job, unless you are filling an engineer role. Anyone who has been on Facebook since day one is a digital native, and those are the people that understand the ineffectiveness of advertising.Q. How important is education (re: tech) in appsavvy's company cultures? Would you consider most of your employees to be "digital natives"?

    Public Speaking: Get comfortable with it Chris Cunningham CEO of appssavvy explains that when it over prepares his presentations are less exciting than when he speaks from experience.Q. You're a popular speaker; how do you prepare to present in front of large crowds?

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