Jason Headsetsdotcom – IWearYourShirt Founder and CEO answers questions via live chat

    By owenl | Small Business

    Here are the highlights of our Live Chat with Jason Headsetdotcom, Founder and CEO of IWearYourShirt.

    Jason Headsetsdotcom (formerly Jason Sadler) is the Founder and CEO of IWearYourShirt. In 2008 he recognized the growing influence of social media and decided he could utilize these platforms in a new and unique way, by getting paid to wear sponsored t-shirts for a living. Each day, Jason represented a different company online using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ustream and Flickr. Jason has worked with over 1,000 clients that include professional sports organizations, advertising agencies, Fortune 500s, startups, and more. Jason previously co-owned a web design company and in 2013 auctioned off his last name to the highest bidder. Jason will be selling his last name again for 2014 and has a new project launching October 1.

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