Still undecided? Review the top 7 small biz issues

    By Adrienne Burke | Small Business

    Small business owners fear what comes after the election

    Despite both presidential candidates' promises to cut taxes for small businesses, reports today on a new survey of small business owners say a vast majority of them believe the reverse will happen. More than three-fourths believe their taxes will go up next year, according to a survey from The Hartford. USA Today reports:

    Both candidates have said that if their opponent wins they will mess it up for small businesses. Are those the negative messages that owners are taking home?

    The Hartford's study, which surveyed more than 2,000 small-business owners, shows they are hanging on to every word the candidates say on small-business policy. About 83% of them say they'll be thinking about it when they cast their votes.

    "All they're hearing is how one side is going to screw it up and how the other side is going to screw it up," says Garrett Sutton, author of Run Your Own Corporation. "That has an effect with business owners. They're sitting on their hands waiting to see what's going to happen."

    If you still have questions about either candidate's agenda on taxes, healthcare, regulations, immigration, government contracting, the Small Business Administration, or exports, check out a roundup published in yesterday's Washington Post.

    WaPo's Complete Small Business Guide to the Presidential Election tells "where Obama and Romney stand on the most critical issues for entrepreneurs and small business owners heading into the election."

    The roundup covers the basics on where the two candidates are distinctly opposed (taxes, healthcare, Small Business Administration support), where their rhetoric overlaps (immigration), and where it's still not quite clear how one candidate differs from the other (regulations, government contracting, exports).

    You can also refer back to the Yahoo! SmallBizVote stories on these topics:

    Could clarity on any of these topics sway your vote on November 6? Tell us in the comments.

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