Where small businesses can get Affordable Care facts

    By Adrienne Burke | Small Business

    Sorting Affordable Care facts from fiction

    If you're self-employed or a small business owner, the contradictory responses from small business advocates to yesterday's Supreme Court decision might have left you confused about whether the decision is good news or bad for your business. Some say the Affordable Care Act will keep your healthcare costs in check, others say it will jack them up.

    The President claims the law will help small employers, his opponents say the opposite. Some suggest that would-be entrepreneurs with new-found affordable access to insurance will be unleashed from corporate cuffs. Others say costs of insurance for the self-employed will grow out of control. It's no wonder that hundreds of comments from Yahoo! Small Business Advisor readers reveal widespread confusion and politically motivated biases about the law.

    Who's a small business owner to believe? Sitting down and reading the law yourself, which you can do here, might not be as cumbersome as you think. The word "employer" appears on only 123 pages of the 955-page law. Short of doing that, however, there are a few places you can get more factual information to learn exactly how the Affordable Care Act will affect your business and your employees. is a website created by the Department of Health and Human Services to explain the various aspects of the law to the public.

    In addition to, the IRS offers information to employers regarding the tax credit for providing health insurance.

    You might not like what you learn, but at least you will be an accurately informed small business owner and voter come November. Let fellow Yahoo! Small Business Advisor readers know what you find out by posting a comment.

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