The Trajectory of Social Networking Shows Specialization

    By Michael Germanovsky | Small Business

    In recent years, a successful trajectory of social networking for small businesses owners was closely tied with specialization in online marketing. By establishing a dialogue and building social environments for consumers, small businesses were able to grow out of their local markets.

    So you’ve started a business, bought a domain name, and registered a Facebook page. Now what?

    Nowadays, it is not enough to own a simple social profile and a template based website. More small business owners are becoming experts in various forms of specialization in social networking, including online social marketing.

    Keeping a focus on the next big thing – by sharing news, pictures, and comments - is detrimental to building a social network. Small business customers expect extra attention; and want to see what YOU are doing. Positive comments and testimony on social pages have a higher bearing on consumer’s decision making, according to research published by the Johnson & Wales University.

    When selecting a social network strategy for a new business, consider the kinds of specialization in social networking chosen by Chicago based Golan’s Moving. This local business has grown across state borders by creating a constant social connection with customers. By doing so, they've also secured authority through positive social feedback.

    • Golan’s created a specialized Facebook page, which is a lot more complex than their general website. Frequently updating their social page with real-time pictures, videos, and news created a sentiment of constant connection that consumers have favored.
    • Another form of social specialization, chosen by Golan’s, was their integration of a live chat support. It pops-up as soon as you enter the website. Live chat is a great relief for consumers seeking immediate answers, and a business tool to retain more clients.

    Social network features have influenced how business websites may be designed and how they present their product.

    ConnectSense, a cloud-based sensor manufacturer has deliberately decided to design their homepage as an interactive, and very visual, interface showing connections between pages as a one-line road map. This allows customers with little knowledge to quickly find products for their specific needs. The company has boiled down the science of connectivity to simple and understandable visuals. The visuals are combined with simple terms and connect to images of products, sharable on Twitter, Google+ and Linked-In. This allows a visibly sensible and socially sharable layout, with interactive sharing capabilities.

    Keeping up with the website and social pages are both narrowly specialized fields. By combining specializations in social networking, small business owners create comfortable and familiar environments for consumers.

    Michael Germanovsky has a personal insight into successful businesses; and he wants to help your business grow. Through access to a collaborative think-tank of corporate directors and small businesses owners, Michael serves as a personal guide through the confusing jungle of business start-ups, marketing, and finance - navigating through both pitfalls and opportunities, with one goal in mind - to help you make money.

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