The Times Are For A Changing

    By Owen Linderholm | Small Business

    There's a quiet boom in entrepreneurship going on. It's a subtle one with much of the entrepreneurship coming from 'side-jobs' and part time gigs and sidelines. And it is also spurred by an increase in entrepreneurship among those over 50 who are increasingly seeing their own business as the only way forward or their only option after a lay off and the difficulty getting rehired. And it is also happening among recent college graduates and other young people who are struggling to find meaningful employment.

    Ken Rutkowski of Business Rockstars talks about needing a career change in this video.


    This Inc. article talks about the signs that you are in the wrong job.

    And this entrepreneur article gives 50 tips for starting your own company.

    For more on starting out take a look at our Incubator tumblr. And especially the information on solidifying your business ideas.


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