Small Business Today: more elections, insurance and the feds – small business reading for 10-08-2012

    By owenl | Small Business

    fedgovtWe are going to revisit a great article from last week today. After the debates, which some outlets characterized as delivering a big win for small business, we took exception, pointing out that the debates were long on rhetoric and contained almost no practical discussion of small business issues. Take a look.

    Some of the other best stories for today:

    A great article about converting visitors to your website into sales. The suggestions seem simple but are extremely practical and in our experience while most businesses have done SOME of these things, very few have done ALL. 7 Tips for converting website visits into sales.

    Following on from our look at the political scene is an impassioned plea from a small business owner and advocate in Oregon about getting big money and big business out of politics in order to restore the voice of the smaller business. It's a good point regardless of any other reasons for or against the Citizen's United decision.Big, secret money in politics hurts small businesses.

    It's not a topic that gets addressed very often - and for the smallest of small businesses it is likely one that can't really be considered, but this article has some good points about liability insurance for small businesses. Do note that the author works for an insurance website, however.What you should know about small business liability insurance.

    Doing business with the Federal Government can be a life saver for certina kinds of small business. But it also requires a large amount of knowledge and bureaucracy. This great article provides some FAQs for registering with the government. FAQ on registering with the Federal Government

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