Small Business Today: Facebook, the ‘holy grail’ and happiness – small business articles for 10-3-2012

    By owenl | Small Business

    Inc. has a good article reporting on a discussion Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg had with reporters at the IAB MIXX Conference during Advertising Week in New York. Much of what she had to say was about small business, what a problem it is for advertising online and how Facebook is hoping to find the solution. This is a subtle shift from the focus of her discussion earlier that day with Charlie Rose where she talked about social advertising, re-emphasizing a theme that Mark Zuckerberg brought up on his recent trip to Russia.

    Local advertising has indeed been a hard problem for tech companies to solve, but perhaps not as difficult as the Facebook team is making out. When supplied with any form of location data, google search ads on any site can be locally relevant for example, as can ads from The Yahoo! Bing partnership. And here at Yahoo! for example, there are local listing services, the ability to locally target advertising within the Yahoo! Shopping portal and even local solutions integrated in part to Yahoo! Small Business' own ecommerce and marketing dashboard solutions.

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