Quick! Now is your chance to tell Google why your site should rank better in search

    By Owen Linderholm | Small Business

    SEOAstonishingly, Google wants to hear from people about why small sites that should rank higher in Google search results. Google’s SEO guru, Matt Cutts, released a tweet saying ‘If there’s a small website that you think should be doing better in Google, tell us more here:

    This is an astonishing opportunity – but also one not to get TOO excited about. This does not mean anything will change for you or your site. But it does finally give you a voice and an opportunity to tell Google why it is that your site SHOULD rank better. [We encourage Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting and Ecommerce merchants to take advantage of this opportunity.]

    Google is looking for real responses – arguments based around why your content is better and more important and more informative than other people’s on the particular topic. So take the opportunity to go over your website. Review it – look hard at what you know you do well and tell Google about it. Look hard at what you do badly and fix it – and then tell Google about that too.

    But don’t just tell them you SHOULD rank better with no reasoning. Take the time to make a real case and on the way you can help your site eventually do better and all the other little sites that are getting run over by big sites and artificial SEO manipulation.

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