Launching the Yahoo Small Business Incubator Series

    By owenl | Small Business


    We are very excited to announce that next week we are starting our Yahoo Small Business Advisor Incubator program. This is a 3-month long program of content, advice and support for anyone actively starting out with their own small business. It can actually be started at any point but is designed to be paced about right for a 3-month progression from business idea to achieving your first sales.

    There are three main parts to the program.

    1: A set of excellent content from Yahoo Small Business Advisor and its partners covering the theme for the week and providing the background and practical advice you need. This will include practical worksheets, forms, spreadsheets and any other materials we can provide to be helpful.

    2: A group forum where those actively taking part can ask questions and get support from each other and from Yahoo Small Business Advisor editors, writers and partners.

    3: A biweekly live chat or Q&A where participants can get help with understanding how to confront and overcome the challenges every small business faces.

    This is an experimental program for us and you can expect that we will change and adjust the details as we go. And we actively look forward to hearing from you.

    The home of the Incubator program will be a Tumblr page we have created specifically for the program. Please go there, follow the Tumblr and feel free to comment and ask questions. The main page of the Tumblr will offer daily updates and selected highlights from all around the web that we think participants will find useful. It will also cover the 'coursework' or core elements of the program. But to make sure it is easy for people who just want to get to the core information, there are tabs along the top for each week of the program that take you to pages devoted just to that week's articles and information.

    The next part of the program is the YSB Incubator Yahoo group. Please go and join up. The idea is that this group will be an ongoing forum for participants to meet one another, support one another and interact. And it can be a valuable resource for participants forever since it will continue on past the three month 'course' of the main program.

    Finally we hope to be able to do regular live chats and Q&As for participants. These will be announced in the appropriate pages and sections of the Incubator program.

    Although we are starting next week, the initial part of starting a business is the most critical - nailing down your business idea and making sure it is viable. So feel free to get going right now with week 1 right here.

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