Web Hosting Considerations

    By Owen Linderholm | Small Business

    We have long reached the point where every small business needs to have a web site. Even street hot dog stands have them if for no other reason than to allow people searching for them online to find them. A business' online presence can be as simple as a one page website hosted almost anywhere. Or it can be as complex as any enormous corporation with built-in ecommerce and payment systems, memberships, subscriptions, communities and more: all part of the modern web hosting experience. Which begs the question: What exactly does a small business need in a web hosting service?

    Typical web hosting services provide all the basics: a location to host the content and any code, all the core server and language necessities for hosting a web site especially SQL database systems and language services like PHP. They also mostly include modules for add-ons like ecommerce and payment systems but this is where the small business has to start paying more attention. A typical web host only supports certain ecommerce systems or payment services and may even have contracts that prevent it from allowing others to be run on its systems. So you want a we hosting service that will support any or all of the possibilities and that will provide support even on services that it does not resell to the small business. Of course you are going to be asked to pay more for full services like this. However, at this point web hosting services are almost a commodity and it is easy to find multiple vendors from which you can shop around.

    Yahoo Small Business does also provide full service web hosting and you can find out more here: Yahoo Web Hosting.

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