Five Ways to Get the Most from Yahoo Gemini

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    Fast-growing mobile search and native advertising platform makes buying simple and helps you engage customers across our vast network 

    You may have heard about Yahoo Gemini -- the first unified ad marketplace to combine the performance and ease of mobile search advertising with the scale and creativity of native advertising -- but maybe you haven’t given it a whirl yet. With over 430 million monthly mobile users, it’s one of the most efficient ways to reach your target audience.*

    To help you get started, we’ve compiled this quick list of tips for using Yahoo Gemini:

    1. Partner up with tool providers

    We know search advertisers are lost without their data, and many rely on SEM tool providers to manage their digital advertising portfolios. That’s why we’ve been working closely with the SEM tool providers that are a part of ourPreferred Partner Program to make sure advertisers using these tools are able to access all the insights for this new marketplace. Adobe announced last week that they are the first to offer support for Yahoo Gemini, and we expect other partners to follow suit soon.

    2. Unify your accounts

    How did a well-known travel brand realize increases in purchase intent and brand favorability of 28% and 31% respectively? By having ads on Yahoo Gemini across both mobile search and the news stream. If you are currently running either mobile search or native ads, consider trying both for a bigger impact. While we recommend creating a single, combined mobile search and native advertising account to streamline account management, you do have the option to buy them separately through two individual accounts as well.

    3. Act natural

    image - Mobile animated gif
    More than half of our global monthly active users come to Yahoo on a mobile device, so it’s only natural that we’d take a mobile-first approach to native advertising. We’ve just introduced new, image-rich native ads, designed specifically with the mobile experience in mind. While clearly marked as sponsored, the ads will look and act just like the content around them. They will appear within users’ personalized content streams, article pages, and image galleries across Yahoo mobile and desktop products.

    4. Look out for new features in the UI

    We are working hard to make Yahoo Gemini more powerful by continuously enhancing our ad serving platform. One exciting recent enhancement is the addition of Interest Targeting for native ads. Now you can select user interests that align with your marketing goals, and we’ll use our personalization technology to show your ad to the right prospective customers, based on their activities across Yahoo. For our mobile search ads, Phrase Match will be available soon (as early as the beginning of June) to help advertisers target searchers precisely, based on their queries. You can work with your Yahoo account representative to determine how this may impact your campaigns.

    5. Get in early

    image - gemini top 5 early bird
    The Yahoo Gemini marketplace is only a couple of months old, but it’s growing rapidly, with mobile search volume doubling in the past week alone! As with all search marketplaces, your ad’s rank is based on a combination of bid price, click performance, and quality. The sooner you get started, the sooner your ad can build performance history, to potentially earn a better ranking and more clicks. As traffic ramps, your ad is then poised for cost-effective delivery and performance. We anticipate that Yahoo Gemini will serve the majority of ads on Yahoo mobile search inventory soon. In the future, we also expect that for many queries Yahoo Gemini will serve in the top sponsored position, which gets the lion’s share of clicks.

    Reach out to your Yahoo Account manager or sign up for Yahoo Gemini to get in on this growing opportunity early.

    *Yahoo internal data, Q1 2014

    [This blog post originally published on the Yahoo Advertising blog.]

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