Companies Set New Year Goals For 2014

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    New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for personal improvement. For businesses, the New Year is an opportunity to set goals, both big and small. But what’s even more important than the resolutions is the ability to follow through.

    Set goals. Goals provide accountability and help gauge the necessary efforts to achieve results. Set a long-term, overarching goal, but also set smaller, more manageable goals that you can review on a weekly or monthly basis. This is where follow-through comes into play.

    As a business owner, at the end of the month or fiscal year, ask yourself if you are meeting the goals set at the beginning of 2014. If so, great; keep going and keep improving! If not, reevaluate and continue to strive for those ultimate goals, so 2014 is great and 2015 is even better.

    Here are three goals some businesses set in 2014:

    Rebrand the company. This is a big change and certainly doesn’t apply to all businesses, but for those who choose to rebrand, the move can breathe new life into a stagnant company. Rebranding isn’t just a sign of stagnation; this change is appropriate when the company has expanded services beyond its original scope or it can help potential customers better identify with the company’s purpose.

    Momentum Advanced Planning, a Chicago-based consulting firm, is launching a new website in 2014. Formerly Momentum Strategic Advisors, the new name and brand coincides with new business objectives.

    “There are huge opportunities in the digital space for the financial services industry. In 2014, we’re placing more effort in our digital presence, and our new website and rebrand is just one element of that,” says Josh Coleman, CEO of Momentum Advanced Planning.

    Stay abreast of the trends. Trends will vary by industry, but some business trends are more universal. Take content marketing, for example. As Google has consistently produced updates that reward original, well-produced content, it’s clear that this facet of marketing is here to stay.

    “When Momentum first began, digital marketing wasn’t on our mind. In 2014, our company has ramped up our digital efforts and we’re getting fully engaged in content efforts, social media and online PR. It’s new for many of us, but exciting,” says Coleman.

    Move forward. Whatever you do, don’t move backwards. And if you’re staying put, you’re not moving forward, so it might as well be backwards.

    Year over year, Travel Solutions by Campbell, a leading business-to-business travel agency since 1983, continues to improve their practices and evolve as a business. The company has recently partnered with Concur Technologies to provide the most advanced travel and expense management solutions, including automated digital booking. With over 30 years of experience, Travel Solutions by Campbell was born well before the digital era but has consistently evolved and embraced these changes.

    “Change is in our blood. As a company, we wouldn’t be where we are today if we weren’t consistently evolving. Instead of falling behind technology, we aim to stay in front,” says Steve Sedgewick at Travel Solutions by Campbell.

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