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    If you have been around the sales and business owner block for a while, you understand the mental strength necessary to cope with rejection. Sometimes becoming numb to the rejection can be both a blessing and a curse. How many times have you submitted a proposal, giving free consults and went through presentations where the person didn’t end up doing any business with you?

    The first few times your company gets rejected for a gig, you probably take it to heart and then put some thought into why the prospect declined the opportunity to work with you. But then after a while you probably become a bit immune to the rejection, and that is when you don’t even bother going back to watch the game tape.

    The four reasons why people don’t buy or want your help come down to ; No Need, No Money, No Time/Urgency, No Trust. Last week we looked at No Need. Today let’s dissect No Money.

    No money

    If you hear the “no money” response it could be a blessing in disguise- if it is sincere. Would you rather

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  • Social Media Marketing

    Social media can be one of the most effective ways to grow your small business and drive additional visibility for your brand and products. While the importance of Social Media Marketing is not lost on many merchants, they still consider it a foreign concept and do not know how to properly engage with their customer base. Effective social media campaigns take time to create, strategic planning to execute and money to maximize visibility, but by implementing a few of these tips below, your brand’s social presence will be better than ever.

    When using Facebook to expand your marketing efforts, you have a few options, either promoting your business page to generate more followers or promoting individual posts to maximize their visibility and reach. Although both options have proven to be successful, remember that overall success is determined by content.Marketing on Twitter does have its advantages, if you are able to spend the money to promote your Twitter account rather than individual

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  • On The EdgeThere is no shortage of leadership books written by presidents, politicians, CEOs, psychologists, military heroes, and executive coaches. I am none of the above. My take on leadership comes primarily from my experiences as a high-altitude mountaineer and polar explorer. In addition to serving as the team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, I have climbed the highest peak on every continent (the famed “Seven Summits”) and have skied to both the North and South Poles, an achievement known as the Adventure Grand Slam. My adventures have taken me to some of the harshest, most remote places on the planet, where determination is every bit as important as skill when it comes to survival. I have also spent two decades in the business world (including three years at Goldman Sachs) and have worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, so I understand the pressures that go along with high stress jobs in today’s economy.

    I have toughed it out in some of the world’s

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  • OnDeck Capital raises funding to expand its small business lending programs

    Business Loan

    OnDeck Capital is a company that makes loans to small businesses. Traditionally small businesses have gotten funding in a few straightforward ways. One is self-funding from the savings and bank accounts of owners and their friends and families. The second is with loans fro the government, the Small Business Adminsitration (SBA) to be specific. And the last is from the local bank. But there have always been real limitations to these source of funding. With self-funding the limit is obvious - the typical person has very limited resources to call on even when friends and family are factored in. The challenge with the SBA are strict rules about qualifying for the loans and a lengthy timetable - both of which can limit their usefulness in many cases. And finally, banks have become much ore rigid and gun-shy in their requirements for loans since the recent set of fiscal crises. Once these options are exhausted, where else can a business turn?

    OnDeck Capital is the oldest and largest of a

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  • Services Let Small E-tailers Ship Smarter

    As any online retailer knows, shipping can make or break a business. Even when your products’ quality and prices are competitive, if they can be had faster or shipped free from another company you can expect to fail fast.

    But outdated technology from UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS make it a nightmare for so-called e-tailers to integrate their software and streamline their shipping process. It means many leave money on the table, or worse, incur added costs, charging flat-rate shipping instead of wrangling with real-time shipping rates.

    And it’s why, in the name of helping small businesses compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay, the 10-person San Francisco company EasyPost has been able to raise close to $3 million from some of the top venture capital funds (and why other companies, including Postmaster, an EasyPost competitor that emerged out of the San Antonio TechStars Cloud, and ShipHawk, a shipping broker with custom software, are sprouting up to serve small and medium shippers).


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  • Secrets from the Scalerator: Are You Targeting the Right Customer?

    The final installment in a 4-part series about businesses that met the AmEx OPEN Scalerator challenge to grow their revenues 15 percent in three months.

    Able Access Transportation

    Do you really know who your customer is? By reevaluating the target of her sales pitch, Annette Tipton has put her company on track for a year of record-breaking revenues.

    Tipton is co-owner with her husband of Able Access Transportation, a paratransit service they established in 2001 in Milwaukee, Wis., that runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She was one of 12 participants last fall in AmEx OPEN’s pilot Scalerator training program, which helps existing businesses develop strategies for growth.

    To be sure, Tipton was in a growth mode before the course started. Thanks to upgrading her fleet, moving into a remodeled building in a more central location, installing a new telephone system, fully integrating the software system, enabling all vehicles with GPS, and outfitting drivers with sharp uniforms to update the brand identity, Able

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  • This Couple Swam Away from the Shark Tank with $200,000

    By the time Noam and Irene Krasniansky’s Shark Tank pitch aired on ABC on Friday, February 28th, their reusable paper-towel product, Bambooee, was already available in northern California Costco stores, several Whole Foods stores, and thousands of natural food shops nationwide. It had won an innovation award at the 2012 International Home & Housewares Show, and was featured on Good Morning America, where three out of three mom testers approved.

    Bambooee, which the Krasnianskys call "the un-paper towel," brought in revenues of $122,000 last year. They expect triple those sales this year. But help from the Sharks, they say, could help “take Bambooee to the next level.” Noam tells Yahoo! Small Business that he and his wife auditioned with 50,000 other entrepreneurs for a spot on Shark Tank because: “We’re not a large corporation with a lot of money, connections, and wherewithal for distribution. This is an innovative idea and we wanted it to grow quickly, so we needed the right partner

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  • Launching the Yahoo Small Business Incubator Series


    We are very excited to announce that next week we are starting our Yahoo Small Business Advisor Incubator program. This is a 3-month long program of content, advice and support for anyone actively starting out with their own small business. It can actually be started at any point but is designed to be paced about right for a 3-month progression from business idea to achieving your first sales.

    There are three main parts to the program.

    1: A set of excellent content from Yahoo Small Business Advisor and its partners covering the theme for the week and providing the background and practical advice you need. This will include practical worksheets, forms, spreadsheets and any other materials we can provide to be helpful.

    2: A group forum where those actively taking part can ask questions and get support from each other and from Yahoo Small Business Advisor editors, writers and partners.

    3: A biweekly live chat or Q&A where participants can get help with understanding how to confront and

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  • 6 Signs Your Leadership Skills Could Use Some Work

    Profits have dropped, productivity has slowed, and your business has felt like it’s been on a roller coaster for years. Before you blame the economy, you might want to take a look in the mirror. Those conditions could be clues that your organization is lacking strong leadership, according to management consultant and trainer Ed Eppley.

    Eppley is a leading expert in professional management, sales strategy, and performance management. His clients include a "Who’s Who" of business category leaders that include BMW, STERIS, Sara Lee, Speedway, Steamboat Ski & Resort Company, Emerson Electric, Safelite Auto Glass, and others. As an instructor of the Course for Presidents at Aileron in Tipp City, Ohio, Eppley also helps owners of private businesses apply a system of professional management to identify and correct workplace problems.

    With 30 years in the business, Eppley has honed a skill for spotting problematic management. In advance of his forthcoming book that teaches his preferred system

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  • Appreciation

    For many of us, feeling a sense of belonging in the places we work, homes, and with the people we love and care about is satisfying. We work hard to make sure that what we do counts, and that we are able to support ourselves. But more to our need to survive and make every moment count is an even deeper, psychological need: the need to be appreciated.

    Appreciation is such an important factor in our lives and workplaces that organizational researchers find without appreciation, productivity in the workplace decreases, and employee morale is greatly affected. Closer to home, not being appreciated by the people you share a home with can be discouraging, and can sometimes lead to hostile home environments.

    Many agree that communicating appreciation is important. Then, why don’t we practice it more? As individuals, we lack practice in our appreciation skills. It costs you little to show appreciation on a consistent basis, and the rewards will far exceed your expectations.

    The 5 Languages of

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